Alau Sunset

Oil on Canvas 16x20



Alo was a son and successor of King Mauiloa who ruled over Western Maui. His mother was named Kauhua. Grandson of  Chief Hanala'a, great-grandson of Pakua, great-great grandson of King Haho and great-great-great grandson of Paumakua of Maui. He was the mythical ancestor of the chiefs of Maui, and he followed his father as sovereign of Maui. In one chant, his wife is named Moeiekana (or Moekea'ea). He fathered Prince Kuhimana and daughter Ka'umana'I, and they two were married. They were twins and their union was sacred.
His son Kuhimana would succeed him as King of Maui, and the grandson of Alo was a famous High Chief- Kamalo'ohua. On Highway 31, over a half mile past mile marker 51 beyond Hana town, you'll come to a road on the makai side of the highway named Haneo'o Road. The hill to your left is actually an eroding cinder cone known as Ka Iwi o Pele (the bones of Pele). Driving down Haneo'o Road, the rugged cliffs give way to a beautiful coastal view. As you continue down towards the shore you notice Alau Island offshore. From this vantage point it looks like a rather small island with a few trees perched on top. Off Haneoo Road is beautiful Koki Beach, a beach not safe for swimming but has a beautiful view.  Right off the coast, you can see Alau Island, a small island crowned with coconut palms. 




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