Haleakala Glow

Oil on canvas 16x20



It is said that the Maui ascended Haleakala volcano for the sake of his mother, Hina. Every day Hina made kapa from the bark of wauke and mamaki trees. Then she dyed the strips with the colors of the islands and laid them out under the sun. But short days and long nights made it impossible for the kapa to dry. She turned to the only one strong enough to confront the sun, her own son Maui. Maui climbed the mountain and hid beneath its shadow, waiting until morning. Just as a thin ray of sunshine pierced the horizon, he quickly hooked the sun and brought it to a standstill using a wiwili tree as a tether. Trapped under the spell, the sun begged to be free. Maui promised he would let go if the sun promised in return to slow its descent during the day. And so the sun agreed; he would travel slower for six months of the year, making the days longer in the summer. Then he would resume his usual path in the winter. Maui fulfilled his word and released the tether, keeping the anchor attached so the sun would always remember. The victorious Maui rushed home to bring his mother the news. As a gesture for his heroic feat, she made him a dazzling red cape and as it would, it dried that very day. As you ascend the road upcountry, the colors of the island are enfolded in the clouds and mist, the sun glowing brightly in a rainbow display of its elegance.







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